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Design & Build Services

At Hydro International, we work with our clients from early concept stage right through to execution of the proposed design. We take our clients’ water and wastewater treatment needs and develop bespoke solutions to cater for site specific characteristics. We offer turnkey solutions and can provide design and build services in civil engineering, building, process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control & automation. Through design we adopt the most up-to-date treatment technologies, methods of construction and have an innovation focused approach. In our operations we work to an Integrated Management System ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 ensuring the highest level of Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Management.

Water Services Include

  • Water abstraction and screening
  • Water storage and retention
  • Chemical coagulation, flocculation and clarification
  • Rapid gravity and pressure filtration
  • Chemical oxidation and air stripping systems.
  • UV Disinfection systems • Ultra Filtration (UF) Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems
  • Chemical Dosing Systems • Water Softening Systems
  • pH Correction Systems • Booster Stations and Network Monitoring
  • Metals Removal Systems • Monitoring Equipment
  • By-product sludge handling and dewatering
  • Automation, controls, telemetry and SCADA Systems

Wastewater Services Include

  • Preliminary Treatment (Screening and balancing)
  • Storm Retention & Return
  • pH Correction
  • Primary Treatment (Upward flow Clarification & DAF Clarification)
  • Biological Treatment (SBR’s, MBR’s, Aeration Basins, RBC’s, Trickling Filters, etc)
  • Secondary Treatment (Upward flow Clarification & DAF Clarification)
  • Tertiary Treatment (Drum Screens, Sand Filters, etc)
  • Phosphorous Removal (Ferric or PACl Dosing)
  • Phosphorous Recovery
  • Disinfection Systems (UV, etc)
  • Sludge Handling and Dewatering
  • Pumping Stations
  • Automation, controls, telemetry and SCADA Systems

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