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ABP Food Group – Ellesmere WwTP (UK)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Installation

Hydro International were contracted to install a new Biological wastewater treatment plant for the ABP Ellesmere Meat Abbatoir.

The works consisted of screening of the incoming effluent and installation of wet well pumping stations complete with new balancing and the installation of Hydro Internatioanal DAF tank to remove fats, oils and grease, complete with Ph correction and the addition of coagulant and flocculant.

After the primary treatment of balancing and Ph correction the effluent undergoes full biological treatment including Fine bubble diffused aeration ( FBDA) and membrane bioreactor ( MBR)

Post MBR the treated permeated Is stored in a stainless steel holding tank and discharged at a controlled rate. A percentage o the permeate is then sent through a Reverse osmosis unit and reused in the plant for wash down and chemical makeup.

Relocation and integration of existing dewatering equipment was undertaken.

The project included the installation of a fully automated control system which comprised of a form 2 smart panel with remote monitoring and control possible via a vnc platform.

Diversion of flows from the existing plant and commissioning was undertaken without disruption to the client and maintaining compliance to discharge compliance.

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