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Birds Eye Pizza / Nomad Foods – Naas WwTP (IE)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Hydro International conducted an upgrade of the existing wastewater facility on a phased basis while maintaining the existing treatment plant in operation. As part of the works the existing crude inlet sump was upgraded to provide screening and protect downstream processes. A new set of duty/standby pumps were also provided in the sump. These upgrade works were completed within the existing pump sump minimising need for heavy investment in civil works. The existing balance tank was also upgrade to provide a submersible mixer, new level control and new duty/standby forward feed pumps.

A new Hydro Stainless Steel DAF with Coil Pipe Flocculator designed for 25m³/hr was provided. The DAF was installed on an elevated platform to promote gravity discharge of sludge to a hopper below and final effluent to the public sewer connection. A final effluent monitoring station was provided consisting of a magnetic flow meter, pH/temperature monitoring and an automatic sampler. A new Stainless Steel hopper bottom Sludge Holding Tank was installed c/w with a side entry mixer to promote homogenisation of sludge arising within the plant prior to being fed via duty/standby pumps to a new Hydro Screw Press installed on an elevated platform to discharge directly to a skip below.

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