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Glanbia – Portlaoise WwTP (IE)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Installation

Hydro International were contracted to undertake works on the primary treatment for the Glanbia Cheese Project in Portlaoise. The works included the Design, Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning of the proposed works as outlined below.

Inlet Pumping station.

Effluent from the factory enters a below ground concrete pumping station complete with bespoke stainless steel protective inner liner to prevent degradation of the concrete structure. Duty, standby, assist submersible pumps are installed to convey effluent to the Rotary drum screen controlled via a hydrostatic probe.

The rotary drum screen removes solids and conveys them to be removed from site. The drum screen is mounted on a bespoke GMS  platform. The screened effluent then enters two stainless steel silos complete with external side mounted mixers. From the balance tank dry well submersibles convey effluent to the floc tanks for pH correction and flocculation.

A Hydro DAF complete with polymer make up and floc tanks capable of treating 50m3 per hour then removes up to 90% fats oils and grease. The FOGS are then sent to a stainless steel sludge holding tank complete with mixer and Bauer connection for removal off site.

The clarified effluent is then stored in two additional holding tanks to allow discharge to the network at a controlled and time preferential sequence as per licensing agreement.

Bypass and recirculation networks we installed to allow full functionality in the event of a calamity complete with bespoke pipe bridge and support frames.

The waste water treatment system is also fully integrated to the client BMS.

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