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Project ABC WwTP (IE)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design, Build & Operation

Project ABC involved the design, build and operation (DBO) of a turnkey biological treatment plant for a Food & Beverage client. The project included all process, MEICA and civil/building works including a remote pumping station, rising main, process tanks as well as control and sludge dewatering buildings. 

A remote pumping station capable of withstanding exposure to high pH ranges was constructed at the facility. A new rising main was installed below ground to the location of the treatment facility where waste effluent is screened via an elevated drum screen from where it is directed automatically to dual stage balance and divert equalisation tanks based on online analysis.

From the process balancing and pH correction tanks the effluent undergoes full biological treatment including an anoxic tank, fine bubble diffused aeration (FBDA) and membrane bioreactor (MBR). Post MBR the treated permeate is stored and released at a controlled rate to the public sewer system. 

As part of the works a sludge holding tank and Hydro sludge dewatering Screw Press was also provided. The project included the installation of a fully automated control system which comprised of a form 4 control panel and associated industrial electrical installation. All design/build works were completed in confined 6 month programme followed by an operational period.

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