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Ready Eggs – Lisnaskea WwTP (NI)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design & Build

The project consisted of the design and upgrade of the existing treatment plant to cater for future flows from the egg processing facility. The contract consisted of the installation of a new concrete pump sump complete with duty standby pumps and level controls. The flow is the sent through a rotary drum screen mounted on a bespoke High Level GMS platform.

Screened effluent gravity feeds  to a concrete balance tank with duty/standby submersible mixers.

The effluent is then pumped via two Drywell submersibles through a pipe flocculator to allow pH correction and the addition of flocculant and coagulant. A dual polymer make-up system was supplied and installed complete with dosing and ancillary equipment.

A Hydro DAF designed for 20m3 / hour was installed and the sludge conveyed to the existing Sludge Holding tank via a PC pump.

Treated effluent from the DAF gravitates to the Anoxic Tank with submersible mixer which overflows to the aeration tank via gravity and is aerated via two duty/standby 37 kW Aerzen Blowers with acoustic enclosures. The blowers are controlled to give an optimum DO based on a probe mounted within the aeration tank.

The mixed liquor overflows to the Membrane Bioreactor for clarification by Kubota flat sheet submerged membranes. The treated water is then discharged to a local water course.

DAF Sludge and Waste Activated Sludge dewatered  by Screw Press mounted at high level.

The plant is controlled via a new MCC installed within an existing building with remote dial in and control possible via VNC.

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