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Rosderra Meats – Edenderry WwTP (IE)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Hydro International were contracted to upgrade the existing Effluent treatment plant in Rosderra Edenderry. The upgrade consisted of significant Civil, mechanical, electrical and automation works. The initial works consisted of the replacement of a surface aerator with a more efficient aeration system consisting of two removable fine bubble diffuser grids and rotary lobe blowers complete with acoustic enclosures to the existing aeration tank. In addition to this, the balance tank was emptied and cleaned of all debris and remedial works carried out to the structure and the existing roof for Odour control purposes. A new Submersible mixer was also installed.

A 2000m3 precast concrete aeration tank was installed complete with 4 removable aeration  grids  and mixers and interconnecting pipework. The existing Aeration tank (AT2) was repurposed as a calamity storage tank that allowed controlled discharge of effluent to take place at off peak times as required by the discharge licence.

A GRP roof  was placed on the existing Anoxic tank (700m3) complete with recirculation pumps, pipework and instrumentation.

The existing centrifuge was replaced with a double 400 Hydro International screw press and was encapsulated within a bespoke building for odour control.

An odour survey was carried out and a bio scrubber odour treatment unit was installed complete  with associated ducting from the identified sources to treat and reduce odour from the plant.

Significant pipework reconfiguration was undertaken complete with the installation of new pump sets, Poly Make units, chemical dosing etc. The upgrade works also involved the refurbishment of the two existing clarifiers and installing submersible mixers and roofs to the two sludge holding tanks .

The complete works were controlled and automated from a new MCC installed by Hydro International and all existing satellite panels were integrated to the new control room as per the clients brief. The system is integrated into the existing factory BMS and allows operator monitoring, trending and control remotely via the scada system.

All civil works including below ground pumping stations, pipework, ducting, concrete apron slabs, bund walls and buildings were completed as part of the contract.

All works were completed with zero down time to production.

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