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Staunton Foods – Timoleague WwTP (IE)

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design & Build

The design of Stauntons WwTP Upgrade was based upon the assessment of the influent from the production facility versus the stringent treated effluent limits required.

Hydro completed a 400 m3/day WwTP on a greenfield site on an accelerated programme. Main components include the following:

Influent Screening, Balancing, and Primary DAF: An inlet Step Screen is mounted on the gravity discharge line from the factory. Screened effluent gravitates into an inlet pump sump and is pump to the Balance Tank for buffering/mixing.  Screened, balanced effluent is then forward fed to a high-level DAF.

Secondary Treatment: consists of a full biological system includes an Anoxic Tank, two Aeration Tank with lift out diffused aeration grids and a Clarifier.

Tertiary Treatment: Finally, the effluent is polished via a tertiary Hydro DAF and a micro screen before discharge to local water course.

Sludge Dewatering: DAF Sludge and Waste Activated Sludge is stored and mixed in a dedicated Sludge Tank with roof.  Sludge is dewatered with Hydro double 400 Sludge Screw Press on a high-level platform discharging into a trailer beneath.

The existing WwTP was maintained live throughout the construction.

Hydro completed the civil, mechanical, electrical, process and ICA design for the Stauntons project.

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