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Kerry Foods – Coleraine WwTP (NI)

Upgrade of Effluent Treatment Plant

Raw effluent pump sump was repaired and new duty/standby submersible pumps were installed to pump the raw effluent to a new Rotary Drum Screen mounted on an elevated platform.  Screened effluent discharges directly into a bespoke StSt screened effluent tank.

Duty/Standby pumps feed the new Glass Lined Steel Balance Tank.  Two new venturi aerator mixers were installed within the balance tank for mixing and aeration.

Duty/Standby Progressive Cavity pumps pump screened effluent to the existing DAF unit which was refurbished and upgraded with new robust Nikuni white-water system and sludge removal scraper mechanism.

DAF treated effluent discharges into a bespoke manufactured StSt tank with dry submersible pumps feeding the existing PFT tank which was converted into a selector tank, new submersible mixer and level controls were provided.

Automatic actuated flow control valve was installed on the gravity discharge line from the Aeration tank to the Clarifier.

Treated effluent gravitates to a V-notch flow measurement chamber with Turbidity monitoring.  Sludge dewatering is provided with a Hydro Screw Press.

Turn-key package including civil works including crude sump repairs, concrete slab for balance tank and pilling, retaining wall, tank demolition, concrete repair works, underground drainage etc.

Electrical works included full automation and integrated all new and old equipment is reporting to the new containerised MCC with PLC and HMI.

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